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My name is Jayd, and I am an experienced Wedding Videographer, who will read the personality of each wedding and capture it forever. I am a full time web designer and graphic artist, and love to let my creativity flow into video production in my spare time. I have been filming and editing videos for over 10 years, and enjoy making wedding videos immensely – getting the mood and tone just right, and bringing tears of joy. My roots lie in teaching animation & digital media, which means that I love documenting special days with my professional camcorder and editing them to a myriad of different tracks (specially chosen by the bride and groom). Because I work alone, there are no over-the-top studio fees or overheads, meaning I will always be the more affordable option in London. Armed with my camcorder, my iMac, my creativity/passion for video – I will commit your memories to moving images in a way that will leave you wanting to watch them again and again.

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“I loved the way you spent so much time understanding what our day meant to us”

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Lovebird has several different packages to suit your needs. You have the option of having your wedding day captured in it’s entirety (from the bride getting ready all the way through to the last dance). There are also packages which only focus on particular section of the day – if you do not require the whole experience documented for example. I firmly believe that all wedding videos should be affordable, so I have created packages to suit every budget. If you only require the ceremony filmed for example, or you’re covered, I have your back. Select a package below to see exactly what is included in each deal, and secure your special date by purchasing a package online today.

Wedding Videobooths

Lovebird can also film your guests having a great time during the evenings festivities, in a unique and exciting way. Video Booths perfectly capture the relaxed and carefree part of the celebration. They are becoming quite popular, and their premise is surprisingly simple. The idea is to set up a divided area in the back of the venue (with a divider, partition, or within a separate room), so that guests will drink and be merry on film without all eyes on them. Sound is not recorded so no need to worry, as with weddings there will normally be music playing in the background (your favourite track is added in post production). You will provide guests with fun props to try on (not included). Inspiration for fun items can include – rubber gloves, hats, sunglasses, ornaments, old phones/cameras, fairy wings, gloves, feather boas, inflatables, large props, dressing up costumes – anything you can imagine! I then set up lights and a camera in the area that has been sectioned off, and leave it to film your guests for a couple of hours as they play around with all the props. Video Booths are a fun focal point of the evening, also a great conversation starter which can help guests who have never met bond over something silly. Once the fun is over, I then sift through hours of footage to group together the best moments of your guests, all to the track of your choice. You can order a Videobooth as an addon in the shop if you are purchasing a Gold or Silver Package – feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions.

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Filming the ceremony

So you’re all ready to go and secure your booking – great! Just make sure when you speak to the venue about the ceremony during the wedding planning, that you let them know you will be having a professional film the event. Some venues will mention that they would like the camera in a fixed position/area, some will leave you to decide. The ceremony will be recorded with the natural ambient sound present in the hall/outside. Lovebird do not use recording mics, as these have proven to get in the way of the ceremony and are not necessary. By keeping equipment costs down we can also keep the fees of the video lower than others in London. If you have any special requests for the ceremony, for example paying special attention to the bridesmaid’s on arrival or to film children in slow motion etc, feel free to let Jayd know. At the end of the day, it’s your video, and she wants to make sure you will treasure it forever.

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Lovebird make it very easy to prepare for filming your special day. Feel free to set up a meeting in person, or a Skype meeting, to discuss your requirements. She can also suggest different ways to film to make the day special, and will get to know you as a couple for a sense of what your style is. Most of her videos will have a vintage wash applied to the effects unless requested not to, and you will also be asked to provide around 5 tracks of music to include in the video. If you are ready to go ahead and have a video filmed &
edited to last for years to come –
book now!

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