Privacy Policy

I take my clients data very seriously and will never share your information/sell your data onto any third parties under no circumstances. I am just one woman making wedding/family videos, so if you write to me I will only contact you socially or to book a gig.

Website Cookies
Cookies are also used for my website security protection plugin (called iThemes). This plugin reads IP addresses so that it can better secure the site – and offers an IP blacklist/whitelist to protect our site from being hacked.

You do have the option to disable cookies in your browser if you so choose, by finding your settings and following these instructions. This should not affect the functionality of my website, but could affect other sites you may visit.

Emails from the Enquiry Form
My Contact Enquiry Form is a simple way for you to send me details of the service you require. Again, I will only respond to emails enquiring about the services I offer with my wedding videos. Rest assured that I literally use these emails for nothing else. I also don’t have any mailing lists of any kind so you won’t be getting any spam from me!

Right to Erasure
If would like your cookies, IP and email address deleted, please contact me for your Right to Erasure via the contact form, and this will be processed within 1 working week. Thanks!

Many thanks, Jayd