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Video Booth Addon: £200

Lovebird can also film your guests having a great time during the evenings festivities, in a unique and exciting way. Video Booths perfectly capture the relaxed and carefree part of the celebration. They are becoming quite popular, and their premise is surprisingly simple.

The idea is to set up a divided area in the back of the venue (with a divider, partition, or within a separate room), so that guests will drink and be merry on film without all eyes on them. Sound is not recorded so no need to worry, as with weddings there will normally be music playing in the background (your favourite track is added in post production).

You will provide guests with fun props to try on (not included). Inspiration for fun items can include – rubber gloves, hats, sunglasses, ornaments, old phones/cameras, fairy wings, gloves, feather boas, inflatables, large props, dressing up costumes – anything you can imagine! I then set up lights and a camera in the area that has been sectioned off, and leave it to film your guests for a couple of hours as they play around with all the props. Video Booths are a fun focal point of the evening, also a great conversation starter which can help guests who have never met bond over something silly. Once the fun is over, I then sift through hours of footage to group together the best moments of your guests, all to the track of your choice.

This item can only be purchased as an addon to the Silver or Gold Packages only.

Video Booth’s also available for Birthdays/Family Dos/Corporate Events.
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